Friday, 23 November 2012

Homemade stickers

Alongside my skate coaching at Mile End, I also run a session called 'Skate and Create' for young people. This week, we made stickers! Here are some of mine. Not sure who the session was more for!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Birmingham Zine Festival 2012

I was at BZF this weekend, and here I am at my stall!

This is just some of the communal table. 

The wonderful Princesa Pirata Zine distro set up shop with this marvelous suitcase!

I also met another illushredder who makes zines! Rad! Ashley Dhnoa, a brummie shredder makes Skate Brum. Check out his website and buy a copy!

Another brummie shredder, my good friend Wig Smith (of Gnargore fame) made this collabo zine with Lee Sparks on the seven different manifestations of the Prince of Darkness himself (No, not Ozzy)

Speaking of Ozzy, I found this gem on the communal table. It is a zine dedicated to giving a tour around the area of Brummieland where members of Black Sabbath grew up and first formed the band

 And here is a map

Leeds based 'Footprint' workers co-op brought their Risograph machine and asked store holders to draw something to be printed that day. Everyone got involved and the result was BZF: Zine in a day! Here is my effort below.

BZF was rad! thanks to the organisers Lizz, Annelise and Antonio. I definitely want to be involved again next year. Thanks to everyone who bought a zine/print form me, or even just talked to me, or even just had a good look! Bring on BZF 2013 :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Brash at Birmingham Zine Festival!

I will be holding a stall selling Brash 4 and various other prints at BZF this Saturday at the Independent Publishing Fair. If you reside anywhere near Birmingham, then please do come along. It'll be a ball! :P

The fair will be at Sidewalk (no not the shredding mag you all know and love) but a venue in the centre of Birmingham, 125-131 Hurst Street.

In the meantime, check out the website:

And my little bio (if you scroll down a bit):

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Brash 4 for sale online

Now you can, finally,  buy issue 4 online! Follow this link to my shop... or the link is just on the right hand side of the page.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Rich de Courcy

Richard de Courcy kindly made a super drawing for Brash. You can see it printed in full CMYK colour in issue 4. (email at to buy a copy)

You can see more of Rich's wonderful work here:

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Brash at the shows

So this was my 'Brash' installation, to coincide with the release of Brash 4, in the Mixed Special show, Red Gallery... 

...and this was the 'school show' at Camberwell a month earlier.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Science Skateboards

The awesome and totally wadical Chris Morgan, founder and owner of Science, did an interview for Brash 4 and has posted about it on the team's facebook page (thank you!)

The interview is a must read.. a rare and detailed insight into the sheer amount of hard work that goes into running a skateboard company. These are the guys that skateboarding often forgets, and I puzzle at why, because this is where all the talent lies. As I state in the zine intro; not only can they shred like a beast, but their creative skills are limitless... filming, editing, graphic design, web design, illustration, PR, communication and all the stressful and mundane tasks that must go into running a skateboard company.

This is just one of the five pages of the Chris Morgan/Science interview, full to the brim of rider shots, rarely heard Science philosophy, stories and opinions...  and an exclusive peek at Science's new decks, soon to be released...

check out the Science website:

Please buy a copy of Brash to read the Science interview in full!
email me at
find Brash 4 at the Mixed Special show from this thursday at the Red Gallery, Rivington Street, Shoreditich -
you can buy Brash 4 at Parlour skate shop (more info soon)

I'll keep ya posted to as and when Brash 4 will be available online or to purchase anywhere else.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Skateboard Religion vs. Brash

Just as Brash is getting bigger and better, so is Skateboard Religion. Above is SBR's contribution to Brash an below is the Brash contribution to SBR...

Boards are £40 and you can get them from here:

Also, keep checking the SBR website (currently under construction) for updates...

Thanks to Nik Jones for giving me this opportunity enabling me to create my first board graphic!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Headphones promo film (Southbank)

Headphones promo film (Stockwell) ... featuring Alana Brash!

Late last year, Sam Taylor asked me to be part of a headphones promo video on behalf of an electrical company (his dad works for them) alongside, Luka Pinto, Kyle Platts, Josh Checkley and a bunch of other rad guys I met on the day.

Here is the Stockwell part!

Stoked to be a part of it, especially as I got some decent head phones out of it! :) Thanks Sam and his Dad. Well done to Jake Harris for making the films and Sam Ashley for taking the shots (there's a billboard photo of me looking like a gormless twat floating around somewhere... namely Heathrow airport)

Brash issue 4 at Camberwell BA show

Brash is finished.
Issue four is part of my final project for my illustration degree at Camberwell.
The private view, at the college is tomorrow night, and then on for the rest of the week, so please come if you can!

Here's a link for the details:

Only a few copies of Brash 4 are currently available to buy exclusively (for now!) at the Illustration shop within the show.

Fret not though... I have printed 300 of the buggers, it's just a case of folding, stapling and stenciling, but a copy will be in your mitts if you very so wish it.

Please contact me now if you would like to pre order a copy. My email address is

Friday, 25 May 2012

Brash 4 is coming...

Science skateboards, Olivia Skalkos, Lucy Adams, Horse zine and Horse zine James, Skateboard Religion, BMT, Craig Questions, Jenna Selby, Emma Richardson, Helen Lovelee, Mitch Long, DIY tattooing by Mat Collins, Artwork by Pat Macdonald, Rich de Courcy and Callum Abbott, story telling by William Kramer, Stockwell Skate Park, Parlour Skate Shop, Jim Thompson, Valentine Katz and Billy Jay Holmes.

It's gonna be a good 'un. Please contain your excitement.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Papergirl exhibition

Some copies of Brash zine, along with other art by yours truly was sent up to Birmingham recently to be part of the Papergirl show. Everyone involved in the show will now have their artwork delivered out to people via 'couriers' on bicycles....rad!

Check out more pics of the show here:

Photos by Kate Ward... thank you very much! Sorry I couldn't be there.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Graphic by Paul Parker

I've been a huuuge fan of Lovenskate ever since I met Stu at t-shirt screen printing event in Birmingham. It's taken me until now (three years!) to finally buying a Lovenskate plank. They are only company in the country that goes that extra push to screen print their boards, which is untimely so much more 'skateboarder', keeping that DIY mentality alive and kicking.

So support British skateboarding and go buy your next deck from Lovenskate!