Sunday, 1 July 2012

Science Skateboards

The awesome and totally wadical Chris Morgan, founder and owner of Science, did an interview for Brash 4 and has posted about it on the team's facebook page (thank you!)

The interview is a must read.. a rare and detailed insight into the sheer amount of hard work that goes into running a skateboard company. These are the guys that skateboarding often forgets, and I puzzle at why, because this is where all the talent lies. As I state in the zine intro; not only can they shred like a beast, but their creative skills are limitless... filming, editing, graphic design, web design, illustration, PR, communication and all the stressful and mundane tasks that must go into running a skateboard company.

This is just one of the five pages of the Chris Morgan/Science interview, full to the brim of rider shots, rarely heard Science philosophy, stories and opinions...  and an exclusive peek at Science's new decks, soon to be released...

check out the Science website:

Please buy a copy of Brash to read the Science interview in full!
email me at
find Brash 4 at the Mixed Special show from this thursday at the Red Gallery, Rivington Street, Shoreditich -
you can buy Brash 4 at Parlour skate shop (more info soon)

I'll keep ya posted to as and when Brash 4 will be available online or to purchase anywhere else.

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