Friday, 22 June 2012

Skateboard Religion vs. Brash

Just as Brash is getting bigger and better, so is Skateboard Religion. Above is SBR's contribution to Brash an below is the Brash contribution to SBR...

Boards are £40 and you can get them from here:

Also, keep checking the SBR website (currently under construction) for updates...

Thanks to Nik Jones for giving me this opportunity enabling me to create my first board graphic!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Headphones promo film (Southbank)

Headphones promo film (Stockwell) ... featuring Alana Brash!

Late last year, Sam Taylor asked me to be part of a headphones promo video on behalf of an electrical company (his dad works for them) alongside, Luka Pinto, Kyle Platts, Josh Checkley and a bunch of other rad guys I met on the day.

Here is the Stockwell part!

Stoked to be a part of it, especially as I got some decent head phones out of it! :) Thanks Sam and his Dad. Well done to Jake Harris for making the films and Sam Ashley for taking the shots (there's a billboard photo of me looking like a gormless twat floating around somewhere... namely Heathrow airport)

Brash issue 4 at Camberwell BA show

Brash is finished.
Issue four is part of my final project for my illustration degree at Camberwell.
The private view, at the college is tomorrow night, and then on for the rest of the week, so please come if you can!

Here's a link for the details:

Only a few copies of Brash 4 are currently available to buy exclusively (for now!) at the Illustration shop within the show.

Fret not though... I have printed 300 of the buggers, it's just a case of folding, stapling and stenciling, but a copy will be in your mitts if you very so wish it.

Please contact me now if you would like to pre order a copy. My email address is