Monday, 20 February 2012

Lucy Adams

Footage by Brashzine

Photograph by Jenna Selby

Lucy Adams is the UKs number 1 female skateboarder and Brash met up with her for a chat: the interview will be featured in Brash issue 4. Lucy skates for Lovenskate (best company in the world!) and DC and relishes the fact that she has often been described as being able to 'skate like a guy.' A down to earth, totally rad individual who rips up any comp she enters, now runs a blog where she shares everything she gets up to skate wise, 'bigging up' the scene and being a true inspiration for skater girls and boys alike!

Rogue Skateboards

Please check out the new Rogue website, where you can buy the brand new board designed by team rider Helen Lovelee, as well as check out other team riders and what Rogue and friends get up to.

I recently purchased the Lovelee deck (haha get it?!) , which is currently hung up on my kitchen wall, patiently waiting to be shrodden on.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sidewalk features Brash (issue 3) yet again!

Brash gets another lovely review from the lovely people at Sidewalk. Thanks! So that's twice Alana Brash is in Sidewalk this month...phwoar! :P

Stockwell Winter Games in Sidewalk! (and Alana's zine stall)

A couple of Stockwell lurkers (Jim and Ash) have put together an article of what went down late last year, including the drizzly Stockwell games as well as the art show, live music and zine/t-shirt stall for Sidewalk... rad or what? It features, Johnners, Martyn, Pat Madonald, Rich de Courcy, Alex Payne, Nik Jones, myself and many more. Go buy it!