Monday, 26 September 2011

Ladies Skateboard Series - Round one Manchester

Photo by Jenna Selby

Brash went upto Manchester over the weekend to get involved with the ladies comp! After travelling aaaages up the motorway with Jenna, Helen, and Lucy, and practicing some moves at Stoke Plaza, (where we met Georgie and Emma - both Brash interviewees!) we headed to Manchester Central skate park to get our shred on!

Check out Jenna's round up of the day here:

The grrrl take over at World Famous Central Skatepark was apprent with nail painting session in the Black Sheep skate shop and cup cakes a frenzy! I had none of that (well apart from the cupcakes of course!) and just wanted to skate skate skate! I ended up socialising a lot too and selling a few zines (cheers ladies), but i did get my skate on landing two good early grabs during my run. That was about it for me though...all the other gals killed it, including Cornwall lass Stef Nurding, fashionista Sam Bruce, Vans extraordinaire Helena Long, Rogue's Georgie and her amazing kickflips over the hip and Helen Lovelee's siiiiick old school style. Winners were Lucy Adams (1st), Lois Pendlebury (2nd), Dani Mellor (3rd), Emma Richardson (4th) and Helen Lovelee (5th). Well done to everyone who came and skated, it was reet fun!




Here are just a few stills of the night. Watch this space for an edit...

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